You can book in advance using the booking number of your own municipality. Booking in advance means you can order a taxi in advance for when you need it. We do not charge extra for booking in advance!

Advice on pre order

An advance booking needs to be done at least 60 minutes before the desired pick-up time. Early morning (before 7:00) advance bookings need to be done the previous night at 21:00 at the latest. However, the taxi agent can take orders even after that, if many advance bookings have not been made for the following morning. Because Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest times in the taxi centre, we would appreciate it if you would avoid advance booking at those times.

If you order a taxi in order to continue your trip with public transportation, such as a train, please mention this when ordering.

Determining a pick-up time

The pick-up time needs to be at least half an hour before your public transportation is scheduled to leave. For addresses located outside the Kajaani city area, even more time needs to be allocated. The customer holds all responsibility if he wishes for a later pick-up time. We regret to say that we can’t accept advance bookings for New Year’s Eve or the 30th of April from 18.00-05.00.

Pre order minivans

Minivan bookings can be replaced with two passenger cars, if no minivans are available. When you need a minivan for a longer trip, please contact the driver yourself. The taxi centre will be able to give you the numbers for all our minivans.

When booking, mention these things:

  • How many people need a ride
  • What time the taxi needs to be at the pick-up address
  • What time you need to arrive at your destination
  • The destination, where you’re taking the taxi to: e.g. the airport, the theatre
  • How many pieces of luggage you have, if you have several
  • The possible equipment that is needed in the car (ski racks, a children’s car seat etc.)
  • The phone number, from which you can be reached.